How to Get a Free Google Play Code to Redeem? 2 Ways

Getting free Google Play Store redeem codes can be exciting. You can use these codes to buy premium apps, in-game content like Garena Free Fire, movies, and more. Here are some ways to get these codes for free.

google play free redeem code

1. Get Free Google Play Redeem Code with Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a popular and guinuine way to earn free Google Play credits/redeem code. To summarize, Google Opinion Rewards is a convenient app from Google that lets you earn Google Play credits by completing simple surveys. These surveys cover various topics, including shopping and opinion polls.

The rewards can vary, and you can redeem them to make purchases in the Google Play Store. Remember to stay active and honest in your responses for the best experience.

Earning rewards:

  • Credits for each survey: You earn Google Play credits for completed surveys.
  • Varied reward amount: Each survey can pay differently, usually between ₹4 to ₹80.
  • Use for purchases: Use credits in the Google Play Store.

How to Use Google Opinion Rewards?

Using Google Opinion Rewards to get free Google Play credits is very simple. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. First of all, download Google Opinion Rewards from Google Playstore.

2. Open the app and go through the intro screen then tap Get started button.

3. In the next scree, use your Google account to signup on the app

4. There you go, now just wait for new surveys to appear on your screen.

5. Complete each survey and get Google play Credits as a reward.

6. After you earn some free credits, visit Google Play Store and go to Settings Payments and subscriptions menu to redeem some of those.

7. Now, choose Payment methods option from the menu.

8. Finally, you can buy your favourite Google Play paid games, in-game contents, movies, books of your choice.

Google Opinion Rewards is by far the best way to get free Google Play credits. However, you need to use all credits before the expiry which is usually one year from the date of reward.

2. Get Free Google Play Redeem Code With Swagbucks

Reward apps are mobile applications that offer free Google Play redeem codes for completing tasks. These tasks can include watching videos, taking surveys, shopping, and trying out new apps. The rewards often come in the form of points, which can be exchanged for Google Play gift cards, including Google Play Store redeemable codes, or even cash.

Swagbucks is a popular reward app that lets users earn points, known as SB, for doing various online activities. Here’s an example of how you might use Swagbucks:

Signing up and getting started:

  • Create an Account: Visit and Sign up for free.
  • Complete Profile: Fill in some details to get tailored tasks.

Earning points on Swagbucks:

  • Taking Surveys: Choose from a list of surveys. Each survey has a set SB reward.
  • Watching Videos: Earn SB by watching short videos or advertisements.
  • Shopping Online: Shop at partnered retailers through Swagbucks to earn a percentage of your purchase back in SB.
  • Playing Games: Play games available on Swagbucks and earn points.
  • Using the Search Engine: Use the Swagbucks search engine instead of your regular one to earn random SB.

Redeeming points:

  • Accumulate SB: Save up your SB. Different rewards have different SB requirements.
  • Redeem for Rewards: Exchange your SB for gift cards (like Google Play credits) or cash through PayPal.

Where to Buy Google Play Redeem Codes?

Purchasing Google Play redeem codes is a straightforward process. These codes can be used to buy apps, games, movies, books, and other digital content on the Google Play Store. Here’s where to buy them:

Google Play Store:

  • Visit the Google Play Store online.
  • Choose the online or offline store of you choice.
  • Select the amount for the gift card.
  • Complete the purchase with your payment method.

How to Redeem Google Play Store Code?

Once you have a Google Play redeem code, using it is easy.

Steps to redeem:

  1. Open Google Play Store: On your device, open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Menu: Tap on the menu icon (your Google profile picture).
  3. Redeem Option: Go to Payments and subscription and choose the Redeem code option.
  4. Enter Code: Type in your code or scan gift card with your mobile camera.
  5. Confirm: Tap on “Redeem” buton to add the credit to your account.

Things to remember:

  • Check Expiry: Redeem codes before they expire.
  • One Account: You can only use a code on one Google account.
  • Region Specific: Some codes only work in certain regions.

In summary, getting free Google Play Store redeem codes involves participating in surveys, checking for promotional offers, joining contests, and looking out for special retailer offers. Redeeming these codes is straightforward through the Google Play Store app, under the redeem option. Remember to check the validity and regional restrictions of the codes.

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