Best Television Brand in India 2021

Planning to buy a new TV, but not sure which brand to choose? Well, don’t worry, because a lot of people get stuck in the same question while purchasing a brand new TV for their family. And that is the main motive of this article, to let you know which brands are the best in India when it comes to consumer television sets.

best tv brand in india

Today in this article, I’m going to mention and talk a little bit about five best television brands in India and how they are better in contrast to others. Whatever your budget maybe, I’ll try to cover every aspect so that it gets easy for you to choose the best model out there. After finishing reading this article, you can head towards your favourite online shopping site to check about these brands in depth. So, sit back tight and let’s get started with our five top TV brands in India.

best tv brand in india

1. LG TV

lg tv brand india

When it comes to television technology, LG is regarded as one of the top pioneers. Primarily they are known for their OLED technology, which offers the most luxurious colours, deepest blacks, excellent contrast, and extreme dynamic range. This is because they invest a lot of money in their display technology R&D and thus, you won’t regret looking into their crisp and vibrant OLED panels. They are one of the first ones who pioneered OLED technology in display panels, that are currently in trend for any display, whether for smartphones, monitors or TVs.

LG Electronics is a South Korean tech giant, and throughout the years, its main products in the Indian subcontinent were only refrigerators and washing machines. But recently, it has made massive popularity by selling it’s LCD and OLED TVs. Also, they are the second-largest manufacturer of LCD panels in the world. From LG, you can get all sorts of variations for TVs including pricing, resolution, and size. Their pricing is very affordable, and you can get outstanding value for your bucks. And that is why I’ve kept this brand on the top of this list.

2. Samsung TV

samsung tv brand in india

I guess I don’t need to explain to you about the progress that Samsung has made in display technology. You can get this yourself just by looking at their displays, especially smartphones that have an AMOLED panel. They are bright, vibrant, crisp and colour accurate. And all these fulfill every criterion that makes an excellent display for an exceptional viewing experience. For television panels, this isn’t an exception either. Recently they have innovated and introduced their QLED lineup of TVs that are currently dominating the television markets with its enhanced processing algorithms.

Samsung is also innovating its MicroLED display technology which they are assuming to debut in 2021. Once it’s launched, it’s going to be the best technology for display panels, even surpassing LG’s OLED technology. Samsung is the largest manufacturer of display panels, and its panels are widely used by other tech giants like Apple, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Asus. The vibrant displays for which you praise Apple and OnePlus, are actually manufactured by Samsung. Therefore, it’s evident that they will use the best ones for themselves. In India too, they are the top-selling and most trusted brand for TV sets by having a variety of options to choose from, including pricing, size, panel technology and resolution. Even their LCD TVs are top of the line, providing excellent viewing angles and superior colour accuracy.

3. Sony TV

sony tv brand india

Sony is also a significant player when it comes to consumer television models. And their Bravia lineup of models is best known for this, offering a combination of excellent viewing experience and incredible sound. They are the fifth largest manufacturer of television sets in the world, and apart from this, they have also progressed marginally in the smartphone segment with their Xperia lineup of smartphones. They also own Sony Entertainment, Sony Pictures, and Sony Music, which are one of the leading production houses for films and music. And as you would have guessed, they should be the best when it comes to media consumption experience on TVs.

Their Bravia series of television models have raised a storm in the Indian market due to its considerable experience and comparatively affordable prices. Sony is currently working in partnership with LG to combine LG’s OLED technology with its Bravia Engine to achieve breathtaking and more vivid image quality. And Sony’s secret sauce is its superior sound technology that makes the experience even better. Like Samsung, they also have tons of models to choose from, and they are worth buying, especially for their progress in the audio territory.

4. Oneplus TV

oneplus tv brand india

Following the footstep of Samsung, Oneplus has just head started its journey as a TV brand. Oneplus is currently using Samsung’s QLED technology in its newly launched television which delivers a fine picture quality similar to Samsung with more enhanced image processing with “Gamma color magic“. We know OnePlus as a very successful brand in the mobile industry but the same glimpse can be seen on any OnePlus TV.

Not just the image quality but the futuristic design makes it so premium and delightful to stare at (as we learned in this Oneplus TV post). Oneplus is known as a customer-oriented brand which focuses more on customer’s need rather than throwing unnecessary tech. Beyond our imaginations, Oneplus, as a brand, has a high potential to lead and hold a big market share in the few upcoming years.

5. Xiaomi (Mi TV)

mi tv brand india

As we progress down the article, some of the brands will seem less attractive, but believe me, they are also worth your pennies. Often these brands bring the same features at an affordable price. Xiaomi is one of them. This Chinese electronics tech giant has dominated the electronics marketplace in India by afar margin. With the introduced a series of smartphones in India (you already know how demanding they are. The one reason that makes Mi different from any other TV brand is Value for Money. Not only this but each year they are also pioneering television technology as well.

Reportedly, Mi owns 33% of the total Indian market share.

Xiaomi has redesigned the Mi television brand in India by investing in their R&D, and they have also launched this brand exclusively on popular shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart. In comparison to other brands, Panasonic TVs are very much affordable. However, still, they retain some premium features that a TV must have including Android TV integration and native Chromecast support.

6. VU TV

vu tv brand india

From premium to really affordable TVs, VU has a huge collection of all TV variants in the Indian market. It gives consumers to choose according to their budget. VU is a brand that has invested heavily in R&D, compared to Samsung, LG, and Sony. That is why they tend to provide the best qualities of televisions for all varieties. If you’re looking for some affordable options, then VU is among the best option for you, providing you some exciting features well within a marginal price tag.

But these products are affordable, that doesn’t mean they deliver poor quality. Recently, VU announced revolutionary Vu VOD Upscalerâ„¢ technology in its latest TVs. This means you can even watch 480p content in a 4K panel with good colour depth and dynamic contrast enhancement. This is one of the reasons why VU TVs are one of the best and most affordable. They also keep the price tags of their TVs marginally low, still providing the best technology the world has right now. They have managed to make into this list of top 5 best TV brands in India. Trusting a new brand like VU is extremely fine.

Concluding the article

Whatever your requirements maybe, you’ll find your preferred brand of TVs from the above list. I have mentioned from each category, starting from price and brand recognition. At the top, you’ll find premium brands like Samsung and LG. As you’ll get down the list, you’ll be presented with more affordable options like Panasonic and Phillips. All these brands have made their way into the top five best selling television brands in India; therefore, there’s no reason not to choose from them. You can learn more by visiting their website or by searching for your preferred shopping site.

I hope you enjoyed this article by gathering some essential factors that you need to look for before buying a TV.

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