Please start clicking the mouse buttons to begin with the test.

About The Test

The Mouse button test is a simple yet effective web page designed to help you verify the functionality of your mouse buttons and scroll wheel. This interactive page provides visual feedback to confirm whether your mouse buttons are registering clicks and scrolls correctly. It also allows you to test the side buttons commonly found on modern gaming mice.

The primary purpose of the "Mouse Button Test" page is to offer visual feedback for your mouse actions. When you click any of your mouse buttons or scroll the wheel, you'll see corresponding elements on the page change color. This immediate feedback ensures that your mouse is registering your actions correctly.

  • Left Mouse Button: Clicking the left mouse button will highlight the left mouse button element on the page.
  • Right Mouse Button: The right mouse button click highlights the right mouse button element.
  • Middle Mouse Button: Clicking the middle mouse button (often the scroll wheel) will highlight the middle mouse button element.
  • Side Buttons: If your mouse has side buttons, you can test them too. These buttons are represented on the page and will light up when clicked.
  • Mouse Wheel: Scrolling the mouse wheel up or down will activate the corresponding elements on the page.

How to Test Your Mouse Buttons

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the "Mouse Button Test" page.
  2. You'll see a visual representation of a mouse with buttons and a scroll wheel.
  3. Click any of your mouse buttons to test their functionality. The corresponding element on the page will change color to indicate a successful click.
  4. Scroll your mouse wheel up and down. The relevant elements will light up as you scroll, confirming that your scroll wheel is working correctly.
  5. If your mouse has side buttons, click them to verify their functionality. The page will respond accordingly.
  6. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your mouse buttons are in good working order.


This page is a valuable tool for anyone who relies on their computer mouse for work or play games. By providing immediate visual feedback and preventing interference with your web browser, it simplifies the process of checking the functionality of your mouse buttons. Whether you're a gamer, a professional, or a casual user, this page ensures that your mouse is up to the task.