5 Best Washing Machine Brand in India 2021

It’s no wonder that how much easier washing machines have made our daily routine. If you want to bring this convenience to your home, then you’ll need to consider a few things before buying a washing machine. There are numerous brands, models, and categories of washing machines that are available in India. So, how will you choose the one that fits your family?    

Today in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best washing machine brands that are currently dominating the Indian market. Continue reading this article as it will help you to choose your perfect washing machine model that suits both your requirements and budget.

best washing machine brand in india

Washing machines are divided into two different categories, based on their functionality. These are:

  • Fully or semi-automatic top load washing machine
  • Fully or semi-automatic front load washing machine

Now let’s discuss which brands are the game changers when it comes to designing their products, implementing handy functionalities, while still retaining an affordable price for the Indian market.

So, let’s get started with our list of the best five brands in India.

1. LG Washing Machine Brand

lg washing machine brand

When it comes to washing machines, LG Electronics is the world’s leading manufacturer. And in India too, they have succeeded marginally well by making their products affordable. LG is the first brand globally to use the latest advancements like Direct Drive and Inverter Technology in their products. You’ll get excellent value for your money because their pricing starts from ₹12,000/- only.

Features in LG washing machines.

  • Direct Drive – The motor and the drum are connected directly. This improves efficiency while reducing noise and energy loss.
  • Turbo Drum – The washing drums can rotate in both directions, improving the washing quality.
  • Motion Technology – It uses six pre-programmed drum motions for an efficient wash.

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2. IFB Washing Machine Brand

ifb washing machine brand

Did you know that IFB is the first brand in India to launch front load washing machines? Yes, this is true, and they are also one of the leading manufacturers with their fully automatic models. They have introduced some unique technologies in their products without sacrificing affordability. Their pricing starts at ₹18,000/- making them quite budget-friendly.

Facilities in IFB washing machines.

  • Air bubble wash – Air bubbles are used that go deep inside and removes stubborn dirt.
  • Aqua Engine – This feature electrically energizes the water that helps in the better dissolving of detergents.
  • Ball Valve – This reduces excessive detergent wastage while handling different loads.
  • Auto Balance System – This feature detects unbalanced loads and re-distributes to them to wash efficiently.

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3. Samsung Washing Machine Brand

samsung washing machine brand

This South Korean tech giant has recently made massive improvements by integrating their washing machines with their Smart Things technology and AI-powered assistant Bixby. With this, you can control your washing machine remotely with Samsung Smart Things App. Samsung washing machines are very much affordable, though, despite their brand recognition, and the price starts from ₹10,000/- only.

Technologies engineered by Samsung

  • Eco Bubble – Bubbles of air are thrown into the water to dissolve detergent and use less water.
  • Smartphone App – You can remotely operate your washing machine using Samsung Smart Things App.
  • Eco Drum Clean – Using the app, this feature notifies you occasionally to clean the drum.
  • Wobble Technology – On their top-load models, this rotates the drum in both directions for tangle-free washing.

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4. Whirlpool Washing Machine Brand

whirlpool washing machine brand

Whirlpool is one of the most trustworthy home appliance manufacturer in India with its vast lineup of kitchen appliances. Their washing machines are designed in Europe for excellent build quality, and the starting price of ₹8,500/- is quite attractive. With that much of price difference, a majority of consumers attract toward LG and why now? It is a very famous brand in our country.

Features in Whirlpool washing machines

  • Sixth Sense Soft Move – The machine can automatically change its washing type depending on the load and fabric.
  • Steam Care – This technology uses to avoid wrinkles in your clothes.
  • IntelliSense Motor – This helps in reducing noise and vibration levels.
  • Smart Inverter – This helps in better power efficiency.

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5. Bosch Washing Machine Brand

bosch washing machine brand

Bosch is currently owning a whooping 12 percent market share in front loaders. It is best known for its superior German build quality and product designs. In India, Bosch is also among the top front load washing machine manufacturers, and they have quickly made their way into our list of best washing machine brands in India. 

Features implemented by Bosch

  • VarioDrum – Special cutouts are made on the drum to control the flow of water for a gentle wash.
  • Active Water Plus – This can sense the washing load and change the settings, reducing water and electricity consumption.
  • Eco Silent Drive – It reduces the friction on the motor and gears that reduce the power consumption and noise.

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Wrapping up the contents

All these brands have shown their excellence while designing their washing machines, and they have also kept the price affordable for Indian customers. You can choose any brand from this list, and you’ll still be getting the best value for your bucks. Be sure to look for more information from their official website or your preferred shopping site. You won’t regret buying your washing machines from these brands.

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