How to Pick Earphones That Sound Great?

When a consumer is looking to buy a budget earphones, usually it all ended up buying a highly advertised product. This is a harsh reality of not getting what you are truly looking for. I am not saying that a highly advertised brand does not produce high-quality earphones, however, at the same price, you can buy even a better pair of earphones for yourself.

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So the real question is this, What features to look for in earphones? The question is pretty much straight and requires a meaningful answer too. So let me explain it with a simple explanation.

How to Choose Earphones That Sounds Great?

1. Flat frequency response

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Fully-grown human ears can hear a frequency ranges between 20 to 20,000 hertz (take a reference from the above image). That means everything we hear (be it bird’s chirping sound, airplane take-off noise) has some sort of frequency which ranges from 20 to 20k hertz. Likewise, if we boost any frequency range of a bird’s chirping, it will sound unnatural for sure. That is why a good balance of frequency response is very much important.

A good earphones maker always makes a great balance between low, mid and high frequency so that you can hear the good stuff, clearly. It is called a flat frequency response and this is a really important factor to consider if you really want your earphones to sound great. Some earphones come with added bass which means the lead vocal of singer and other instruments sometimes become harder to hear at all. If you are a sound engineer a headphone with a flat frequency response should be your go-to choice.

Here is why you need flat frequency response earphones?

  1. You can hear the original produced mix of song
  2. No muddiness in lead vocals
  3. Great crystal clear and raw sound
  4. You can hear all the instruments loud and separated
  5. Every song always sounds to your face
However, some people still choose more base over the balanced sound. On a high volume, bass can cause temporary headache after a few hours of listening and may do permanent damage to your ears.

This is it
The important thing in any music accessories is how good it produce the professional sound. This 80% of all the other important points that you need to consider while buying earphones for you. Other points are just personal preferences that you may need to consider.

2. Design that fits

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Earphones directly go inside your ears to create a vacuum and stuck there for a while. So you may face two problems, imperfect size, and muscle pain. A few companies make earphones that are so hard to fit in. They are surely worthless if they can’t even fit in your ears properly.

On the other hand, some earphones cause pain in your ears after you plug them in for more than 20 minutes. To avoid such problems, you need to pick those earphones that are ergonomically designed as per human ears or they have some kind of hanging support with them.

3. Your daily purpose

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This is important because you can easily determine what type of earphones you should buy.

1. Wired earphones

If you just want to listen to regular music on mobile or laptop then wired earphones are an ideal choice here. They are simply designed to plug and play your favorite song anytime.

2. Wired earphones with mic

If you talk a lot over a phone call then you need the earphones that have a microphone on it. Long phone conversation using a mobile isn’t easy as you need to keep maintaining your hand posture for a long time. Therefore you should look for wired earphones that support mic so that you can perform multitask while talking your favorite topic with your friend.

3. Noise cancelling earphones

If you do a lot of traveling then normal earphones blur some of the nuances of the music. This creates damping sound which is really unnatural to ears. That is why a noise cancelling earphones is a life savior here. You won’t feel any distracting with your music even working in a clatter environment.

Noise cancelling earphones make tight contact with your muscles so that external sound doesn’t float in. As a result, you hear a clean, balanced and punchy music.

These earphones are rather expensive and only a few brands make excellent noise cancellation earphones.

4. Wireless earphones

Wireless earphones are pretty good for running, gyming or similar activity. The reason why I am saying this is that the wired earphones sometimes act as an obstacle while doing too many physical activities. With wireless earphones, you don’t have to untangle the wire every day.

Wireless earphones generally work over a Bluetooth connection which typically works within a 0 to 150 feet range. So, you can roam around your music device and enjoy listing to your favorite track. However, you need to charge your wireless earphones frequently as they don’t work if they run out of power. Also, some wireless earphones have high latency problem which means they are not recommended for watching movies.

I hope you’ve learned something new today. If I have missed something or you have any kind of questions, you can ask me through the comment box.

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