6 Best Massage Chair in India 2021

Who doesn’t want a great massage to relax your body, reduce stress hormones, improved blood circulation, and what not? However, paying a hefty amount every time you visit a spa/salon becomes more expensive and time-consuming too. So, It is a great decision to buy a massage chair if you can afford it.

Of course, a massage chair doesn’t come cheap but once you own it, you don’t have to pay every single time. However, the question is that if a massage chair is better than a human touch? Let’s compare them with a simple table.


Chair Massage

Therapist Massage

Cost per hour< Rs.50 (Electricity)Rs.4000 – Rs.6000
Massage experienceDeep, Relaxing & StrongerRelaxing & Personal
Time-consumingNo, Almost instantYes, Appointment required
Pressure appliedAdjustableExcellent

We live in a world that is moving at an incredible speed. If you don’t keep up, you won’t make it to the finish line. But let’s be honest, it is tough, isn’t it? After an entire day at work, don’t you just want to lay down and have a deep massage?

Massage is the modern way to relax, and a massage chair is an incredible alternative to a masseuse. This is why massage chairs are becoming a trend in India either in their home or their office. It has several health benefits to your body, read more here. Although, it is good if you get an expert’s assistance and weigh your options before you buy a massage chair.

best massage chair in india

Over the years, massage chairs have improved a lot and slowly becoming a part of the essential gadgets. Massage chairs are designed to give you a full body massage from your neck to your calves and feet. It also supports your head, and back while vibrators and motors reach out and massage your muscles. It also helps in relaxing our muscles and relieving pain from certain parts of our human body. Just plug it in and relax.

Here is the list of the best massage chairs in India for 2021.

1. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Massage Chair

Robotouch Maxima
160,000 340,000
as of April 18, 2021 2:14 am
Our Ratings 98%

Best Features

  • Multiple intelligent massage hands
  • Ache- improving, fast-improving massage experience
  • Flapping, knocking and kneading mechanism
  • One button recline


Robotouch is one of the popular and trusted brand names in the massage chair market. Robotouch Maxima Luxury is a zero gravity massage chair that comes with numerous preset options. You can choose anything from kneading, knocking, flapping, or shiatsu.

This smart device comes with an auto shoulder detection system, which improved your overall massage experience. Right places, right pressure, and you will just succumb to the wave of relaxation. There are many more features to explore.

Support and Massage: Shoulder detection mechanism allows the massage chair pad to understand your body and give you a better massage. Other than this, there are heating pads that warm up your back. It allows your back muscles to relax, providing ultimate comfort.

In addition to the magnificent massage hands, this full-body massage chair comes with rollers. These rollers massage the sole of your feet, comfort your toe roots, and offer skin scraping massage to your heel.

Warranty: This massage chair is designed to last and has a one-year warranty. With remote control and easy-to-use features, this massage chair is sure to give you the ultimate massage experience.

2. JSB MZ16 Massage Chair

199,000 399,000
as of April 18, 2021 2:14 am
Our Ratings 92%

Best Features

  • Sleek design best suited for both office and home environment
  • Comes with premium quality rollers and airbags
  • Ideally positions your body to reduce pain and promote relaxation
  • Improves blood circulation


JSB MZ16 massage chair is designed to give you the ultimate zero-gravity experience. It comes with an efficient 3D massage feature that covers more ground and offers deeper massage. Moreover, they have a remarkable improvement in their leg massagers and foot rollers.

Support and Massage: This zero gravity massage chair comes with many exciting features that are determined to make your life pain-free. The L track rail system of rollers massages your entire body- right from your neck down to your hips.

Heating pads offer extra comfort to your back. Pair it with the rollers, and you will be over the moon in no time. You are entitled to a better, much deeper massage experience with 3D rollers. Preset options include- kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and knock.

Warranty: JSB MZ16 has incredible strength and one year warranty. And in case you face any issues with your JBS MZ16 all you need to do is make a call at JSB. They will either send an engineer or have your massage chair picked up for repair.

3. SOBO A382 Robotic Massage Chair

190,000 399,999
as of April 18, 2021 2:14 am
Our Ratings 96%

Best Features

  • Automatic shoulder detection for a better massage
  • Upper arm and forearm massagers present
  • Three adjustable positions for an ultimate zero-gravity experience
  • The memory option allows you to save your favorite massage features for future use


SOBO A382 is a fantastic massage chair. It is intelligent and can easily adapt to meet your family’s needs. It comes with four sets of massage hands and over 28 airbags. It gives you the premium zero gravity massage experience you always wanted.

In addition to this, SOBO A382 has a compact yet smart design. It needs only a 5cm space behind to function appropriately, which makes it an ideal choice for homes and offices alike. Moreover, it is easy to install.

Support and Massage: Automatic shoulder detection improves your overall massage experience. With efficient upper arm and forearm massage, this massage chair gives you the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

The L-shaped curved roller trail adjusts according to your body and optimally massages your neck, your back, and your hips. Moreover, you are free to extend your legs to meet your physical needs. This massage chair offers an incredible calf extension of up to 15cm.

Warranty: This massage chair comes with a one-year warranty.

4. Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

Bodyfriend 4D
133,999 162,000
as of April 18, 2021 2:14 am
Our Ratings 97%

Best Features

  • Automatic shoulder adjusters
  • Four-wheel-driven muted intelligent massage hands
  • 4D automatic body scan to adjust people of all heights
  • Bluetooth connectivity


Bodyfriend 4D massage chair offers premium quality head, back, and foot massage. The best thing about this massage chair is that it has 3D rollers which can move in any way you want. It can move up and down, right, and left to offer a more profound and relaxing massage.

Preset options include- shiatsu kneading, flapping, knocking, and a combination of kneading and flapping.

Support and Massage: Shoulder adjusters allow the massage chair to modify its service to meet your needs. Soon you shall be relieved of all pain. This massage chair comes with three options- fixed, partial, and overall body massage.

There are several airbags present in Bodyfriend 4D massage chairs which are responsible for the zero-gravity feeling. It comes with a long SL Track which relaxes you from your head to your hips.

In addition to this, the timer option adjusts the chair for the best results. Bluetooth speakers help you relax better once you are connected to your favorite music.

Warranty: It comes with a year-long warranty.

5. JSB MZ07 Massage Chair

89,000 249,000
as of April 18, 2021 2:14 am
Our Ratings 90%

Best Features

  • Extremely affordable
  • Compact structure- ideal for home and office
  • 3D rollers for a pure relaxing sensation
  • Appropriate for people of all heights


JSB MZ07 Massage chair is one of the most economical designs which offers quality service at a reasonable price. It is one of the most affordable models which is best suited for home and office environments. It is also popularly used in airports, malls, and salons. It has kneading rollers and airbags to give you a zero-gravity feel while your entire body enjoys a good massage.

JSB MZ07 is designed to relieve muscle stiffness and improve blood circulation. Your body will feel free and energetic again. Moreover, installation is not a hassle. It comes pre-assembled all you need to do is plug it in and relax.

Support and Massage: The incredible set of rollers and airbags are fully customizable. Which means they can be adjusted according to your needs. You get excellent calf massage with airbags, but sadly, there are no foot rollers.

You get a deeper and better massage with long-range roller movement of L- shaped rollers. You get a quality massage from your neck, back to your hips.

Warranty: JSB MZ07 comes with a one-year warranty. And if anything is to happen to the massage chair, you can call in JSB for assistance.

6. CAPTOLIFE Large Brown Massage Chair

140,000 162,000
as of April 18, 2021 2:14 am
Our Ratings 88%

Best Features

  • Different relaxation modes available
  • Fully automatic body massage chair
  • Preset options include- kneading, tapping, rolling, and air squeeze


CAPTOLIFE brings you a premium quality fully automated body, massager. It is essentially a zero-gravity recliner that comes with different operations like relaxation, light mild, and strong therapy. This massage chair intends to take things a little closer to a real massage.

Support and Massage: This massage chair supports your back and gives deep massage to your neck, back, and legs. You can just sit and let go. The chair adjusts itself in a zero-gravity position by lifting your legs above your heart level.

Kneading, tapping, and a combination of kneading and tapping are some of the best features of this massage chair. In addition to this, you also get rolling and air squeezing options.

Warranty: It comes with a one-year warranty.

We haven’t added the Panasonic Massage chair as it is out of stock for now. However, we will add an expert opinion on the Panasonic brand soon.


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