Best Ergonomic Chair in India 2023

Looking for the best ergonomic chair in India for 2023? With remote work and office jobs both in full swing, the right chair isn’t just about comfort—it’s about keeping your back happy and boosting your productivity. Whether you’re typing away in a high-rise office or brainstorming in your home workspace, an ergonomic chair is a must-have in today’s work-life equation. Our guide is here to walk you through the top picked ergonomic chair that suit the Indian workstyle and fit right into any room.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s find the best ergonomic chair where comfort meets practicality, perfect for the Indian professional of today.

Key Points of Our Ergonomic Chair Listing

  • We have only listed extremely comfortable chairs.
  • Great picks for people suffering from back pain.
  • Durability for long years.
  • The chairs do not exceed the price tag of ₹8,899.
  • Tailored for office and home usage.
  • Good reviews and customer feedback

So let’s find out the ergonomic chairs that are extremely comfortable and come at a budget price. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best ergonomic chairs in India for 2023 that you can order online, right away.

1. Green Soul Newyork

Best-selling ergonomic chair for the last 4 years.

Green Soul Newyork Ergonomic Chair

Price: ₹7,899

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Green soul newyork is one the best ergonomic chair you can currently buy on Amazon India. The lumbar support is fully adjustable, it can be pushed forward or backward. You can adjust the lumbar support knob as per your desired comfort. The headrest of this chair allows you to adjust it according to your neck and hand comfort. Also, the armrest of the chair is fully adjustable and designed to give comfort to your arm all day.

If you’re searching for a mid-range premium ergonomic chair then your search may end here. It comes with breathable mesh material which allows the air to spread around you and keep you cool from every side. The wheel of this chair swivels 360 degrees so you can spin 360 degrees easily in your workspace without standing on the chair. The best thing is that it comes with a 3-year warranty so you don’t need to worry for 3 years if any problem comes with your chair.

2. Green Soul Vienna

Best ergonomic chair for office

Green Soul Vienna Ergonomic Chair

Price: ₹7,399

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This Green Soul chair is good-looking, fully comfortable, and durable. If you are a fan of a thick cushion chair, it has extra padded in the seat, back, and headrest which makes it very comfortable. You can sit on this chair for long hours without feeling any pain in your body. It makes you comfortable all day. This chair comes with 5 powerful wheels which are made of ABS and give you easy and flat movement. It can easily handle approximately 150-200 kg of weight. Also, the color combination of this chair is very appealing which can give your office a new feel. Overall, its one of the best ergonomically designed chair for indian office environment. This chair has very positive ratings on Amazon India.

Ergonomics: The back of this chair is adjustable at any angle between 90 degrees and 105 degrees. The neck support is also good if you wanna do a headrest. The lumbar support is also good but, in order to maximize your comfort, you need to sit deep in the chair. The chair also has an adjustable tilt mechanism which is quite a good feature for holding your body steady.

3. Cellbell C104

Best compact ergonomic chair

 Cellbell C104 Ergonomic Chair

Price: ₹3,599

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Cellbell C104 chair comes with 2 inches of cushion thickness and it is built with co-polymer material with a black contoured mesh back that gives you a good cushion-like ergonomic experience. The wheels spin give you a 360-degree turn and avoid any kind of floor scratches. As the chair comes in parts, you have to assemble the chair yourself with the help of the provided toolkit. Overall, one of the best rated ergonomic chair in India that is compact in size.

Ergonomics: Cellbell C104 is a very stylish ergonomic chair that uses less space and comes at an affordable price. Being compact, it still holds up to a height of 5 ft. to 6 ft. per person. It is a good choice for both home and office. It is ergonomically designed for your body so that it can maintain your body posture in the correct form to maximize your comfort level. It comes with a lever that can adjust the ground height (3 inches) and tilt the backrest. The padded armrests are fixed but do a good job of keeping your hands steady and eliminating any discomfort.

4. Amazon Basics Mid-Back

Best compact ergonomic office chair

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair

Price: ₹4,499

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If you want to buy an office chair that is best in ergonomic design and compact in size AmazonBasics chair is your go to chair for 2023. AmazonBasics chair is an in-house product of Amazon India. It is a kind of your daily driver with bonded faux leather upholstery material. The material feels smooth and supple to the touch and gives a premium look to your office. It is cushioned with black leather which gives premium luxury to you. The dual-wheel casters allow you to move the chair flawlessly anywhere. 

Ergonomics: AmazonBasics chair comes with a padded seat and back which gives you all-day comfort. It comes with a pneumatic seat-height adjustment which helps you to easily adjust the height of the chair. The armrests are moveable which makes it a 3-point adjustment ergonomic chair.

You need to assemble this ergonomic chair yourself by following the step-by-step instructions included in the product. Also, many customers have reported that faux leather covers may introduce wear and tear under heavy usage. AmazonBasics ergonomic chair comes with a 1-year warranty.

5. beAAtho® Oxford

Best value for money ergonomic chair

beAAtho® Oxford Ergonomic Chair

Price: ₹7,189

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beAAtho Oxford is a best value for money ergonomic chair in India right now. The topmost layer of the foam is covered with twill faux leather which is highly durable and can easily survive regular abuse. This chair can easily support a max bodyweight of 130 Kg. The price of this chair is fairly justified and it is a great pick for extreme comfort. The chair comes dissembled in the box and is quite easy to assemble by looking at the user manual.

Ergonomics: beAAtho Oxford is following a neutral pelvis sitting position which is excellent for absolutely no low back and neck pain. The chair uses a very dense foam which automatically makes your body comfortable and you can just sit on it for hours. Using a customization (90 to 135 degree) tilt knob, you can adjust the backrest position. beAAtho Oxford also has adjustable height using a lever. For mobility, it has 5 caster wheels that can move you around your workspace smoothly.

6. Da URBAN® Merlion

Best ergonomic chair for aesthetic

Da URBAN® Merlion Ergonomic Chair

Price: ₹6,999

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Da URBAN® Merlion chair doesn’t just promise best ergonomics but delivers it in every aspect, truly living up to the 3-year warranty it comes with.

Ergonomics: The Da URBAN Merlion Office Chair is a stellar choice for anyone seeking ergonomic support alongside a sleek design. The chair boasts adjustable armrests and lumbar support, ensuring a tailored fit for your body. It also supports 360º swivel. The tilt lock mechanism is a cherry on top, allowing for a personalized recline preference, making long working hours more comfortable and less of a strain on your body.

Why an Ergonomic Chair?

In this speedy development world of rivalry and progress, it has proved that people barely get time to think about their sitting posture. Nowadays we spend half of the day time in the office, doing our job. As there is a lot of sitting involved, the first important item we should think of is the chair. And not just any chair, we are of course talking about a well-designed ergonomic chair.

An ergonomic chair is a type of chair that can automatically improve our body posture as we sit on it. There is no rocket science involved in making our posture comfortable. You just have to get a comfortable chair and that is pretty much it.

People who work in an office on PC workstations need a good ergonomic chair because they typically sit for 8-10 hours a day. Sitting in a regular chair for long hours may encourage incorrect posture that can later give you back pain and may also hurt the heap. The wrong posture can also increase the chance of nerve and muscular distress.

Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Ergonomic Chair in India

Finding an ideal ergonomic chair in India requires an understanding of both design and comfort. Here’s an insightful guide, infused with relevant data and presented in a reader-friendly format.

  1. Embrace Adjustability: Choose a chair with a minimum of five adjustment mechanisms. A study from the Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy indicates that customizable chairs cater to the diverse physical needs of 90% of the population.
  2. Prioritize Lumbar Support: As per research by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, adequate lumbar support is critical for preventing lower back pain. Select chairs offering both height and depth adjustments for lumbar support.
  3. Consider the Material: The Indian climate calls for breathable fabrics. Ergonomic standards recommend materials that provide ample cushioning, ideally one inch or more, to support prolonged sitting sessions.
  4. Look for Certifications: Seek out chairs endorsed by the Indian Association of Physiotherapy or meeting the ISI (Indian Standards Institute) certification, as these are marks of quality and trust.
  5. Home and Office Dynamics: For those alternating between home and office, ergonomics consultancy ErgoIndia recommends chairs with a sleek design to fit home aesthetics and robust build for office durability.
  6. Test Before Purchase: According to a survey by The Times of India, 92% of ergonomic chair buyers found that a trial period reduced their chances of making a poor purchase. Spend time sitting in the chair to ensure it meets your comfort requirements.

To sum up, choosing the right ergonomic chair is vital for maintaining good posture and enhancing productivity, especially in the Indian work environment. Focus on finding a chair that adjusts to your body seamlessly, and your spine will thank you for years to come.